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  • 2023/5 (1)
  • Tea ceremony


    After 6 years of museum’s opening I held a tea ceremony to commemorate the fireplace in the
    tea ceremony room. I replaced the half of the exhibited works in the museum. The guests were
    my dentist who has been checking my teeth for a very long time, the old friend of Koichi Nasu,
    an old friend from my German times, and the ladies with whom I have been learning tea ceremony. They all supported me a lot to make this event successful. My son assisted me also, acting wonderfully as the host.
    The folding screen for the tea ceremony is naturally a work of Koichi. And I dared to serve
    German food, instead of a traditional meal for tea ceremony. Because Germany has become
    a part of Koichi・Taeko・Yoshimasa. Luckily enough it seemed to taste good for my guests,
    and I was relieved. It was a tea ceremony where a joyful and leisuly time went by.

    with Dr. Kawashima (Gumyo Dental Clinic)

    at the art museum

    in front of Koichis folding

    with old friends from

    German food