About the museum
Greetings from the owner

It was about four years ago when I began to dream: if only I could build a memorial museum for Nasu Koichi! My own house was so packed with other things that it was hardly possible to really appreciate Koichi’s quiet works. A separate space was needed.
For almost two years, I thought of several ways to make my dream come true. I asked the owner of an existing memorial museum whether I could lease one part of it, but it was not possible. I also tried to think of ways to get public support.
Finally, I came to the conclusion that it would be best to renovate my own house. After all, this is the place where Koichi spent his last years and I will probably live here for the coming 10-20 years.
I even thought of applying for a TV program which deals with renovation. One would renovate a house wonderfully, at amazingly low cost for the owner, and the program would also provide good publicity for Nasu Koichi. But I did not know whether they would understand the value of Koichis works.
I then turned to a pair of architects who hold Koichi in high regard and exhibited his works twice, and they were very happy to help me with the realization of my dream! This was two years ago.
Mr. and Mrs. Nishijima devoted themselves to renovating my house. Mr. Kadono joined them to complete the amazing design.
They also renovated my living space, making it cozy and elegant, so that I can spend the rest of my life in a pleasant way. I even got a room for the tea ceremony, which is my hobby. So now I can invite visitors of the museum to my tea ceremony!
My heart is filled with gratitude and respect for Mr. Kadono, Mr. and Mrs. Nishijima, their son Jun, who was the coordinator of the renovation, and the skilled workers who did all the elaborate carpentry.
I am also very much indebted to Mr. And Mrs. Nishijima for the fact that, following Koichi‘s death in 2003, they held a solo exhibition of Koichi’s works at their gallery in 2006. In connection with this exhibition, ten of Koichi’s works found their way into the collection of the Museum of Modern Art of Saitama, the city where Koichi was born.
A look at these photos taken during the solo exhibition may give you some impression of Koichi’s works:


Please feel free to come and spend a pleasant time, separated from your daily life and surrounded by the works of Koichi.

Feb. 2017Taeko Nasu